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  • eClinical Forum Virtual Spring Workshop... 19-21, 26-28 October 2021


    Please send an email to to enquire about late registration and access to event details

    Thank you for your interest in the eClinical Forum Virtual Spring Workshop. 

    The Workshop is free for eClinical Forum members. 

    If your company is not a member (or if you are not sure), please complete the registration process and and we will contact you.
    You can read more about the eClinical Forum and membership options here.

    The eClinical Forum is a non-commercial association run by its members for its members. Membership in the eClinical Forum is per company. Company membership provides:
    o Pre-paid seats for our face-to-face or virtual workshops (number of seats depends on membership type)
    o Unlimited participation in eClinical Forum webinars
    o Unlimited participation in project teams
    o Access to the members-only online discussion forums and archives

    By joining the eClinical Forum you can benefit from eClinical Forum services and activities right away.

    Online registration will close on October 17, 2021.