Clinical Forum Teams work extensively with industry, healthcare organisations, academia regulators to link stakeholders and to facilitate the development of the environment for electronic clinical research. We have conducted surveys, developed tools, built an extensive base of knowledge of information relevant to the successful implementation of eClinical solutions.

Join the eClinical Forum to participate in cross-industry initiatives and to benefit from early access to pre-competitive information on best practices and trends.

ECF Teams and Projects

ECF Steering Committee

ECF Steering Committee

The eCF Steering Committee is made up of elected members representing regional and global interests.  They discuss and direct all aspects of the eClinical Forum.

eCF Steering Committee Members (January 2024):  Wolfgang Summa (eCF Chairman, eCF Europe Facilitator), Suzanne Bishop (eCF Americas Facilitator), Sean Higashio (eCF Asia Pacific Facilitator), Karen Reilly (Early Access Care, Assoc Industry, NA), Alan Yeomans (Neptunus, Viedoc, Assoc Industry, EU), Steve Carr (CSL Behring, Pharma, NA), Damaris Jusino (Astellas, Pharma, NA), Misato Kuwagaki (Eli Lilly, Pharma, Asia Pacific), Jimi Raine (Janssen, Pharma, EU), Adam Perkins (eCF Tech and Admin)

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