Clinical Forum Teams work extensively with industry, healthcare organisations, academia regulators to link stakeholders and to facilitate the development of the environment for electronic clinical research. We have conducted surveys, developed tools, built an extensive base of knowledge of information relevant to the successful implementation of eClinical solutions.

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ECF Teams and Projects

eCF Releases Key Documents and Tools

eCF Releases Key Documents and Tools

Partnering for Success

eCF Releases several key "Members Only" documents and tools. 

The eCF is releasing 3 documents to eCF members via the eCF website “Members” area (un/pw required). Please feel free to download them and share with other members of your company.


  1. Draft White Paper:  Electronic Data Capture in Clinical Trials using Service Providers -- A method for ensuring the Investigator’s control of and continuous access to the CRF data reported to the sponsor when using an independent third party. This document is the result of countless hours of work by the eCF EDC Hosting Team and has been peer-reviewed by several industry groups and key opinion leaders. It will be presented/discussed with the EMA on 30-Nov-2015.
  2. Checklist for Electronic Data Capture Systems in Clinical Trials using Service Providers -- Tool for assessing the regulatory compliance of an i3P‐hosted EDC system used in clinical trials. This checklist is an outgrowth of work done by the eCF to identify key criteria for systems that provide source data for clinical trials (EHRCR Functional Profile (HL7, ANSI, EuroRec), and “eSRA” eSource Readiness Assessment Tool for clinical research sites. Please note: the eSRA is open to the public and can be accessed via www. Eclinicalnetwork.org).
  3. eCF Regulatory Resources Table – This table maps eClinical areas of interest (eg EDC, ePRO, eSubmission, etc) to appropriate regulatory documents from FDA, EMA, PDMA, ICH, other.  The table provides a link to obtaining the document via the internet. This is a working document and will be updated as the eCF REG becomes aware of new documents.
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