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Best Practice Recommendations for Electronic Clinical Outcome Assessment Data Changes

Publication from joint team of C-Path and eClinical Forum

Congratulations to the eCOA Best Practices team for publishing their paper “Best Practice Recommendations for Electronic Clinical Outcome Assessment Data Changes”

 in the peer-reviewed SCDM Journal “Digital First”.

Delong | | Journal of the Society for Clinical Data Management (jscdm.org)

This is a significant work done by the joint team of eClinical Forum and C-Path PRO Consortium and C-Path eCOA Consortium, and comprises their discussions over many years,

outlining best practices and guidelines on changes to eCOA data, aligned to latest health authority guidance, and based on expertise from all three organizations.

The team is planning a public webinar for Feb 6, 2024 at UTC -0500 (0700 PST, 1000 EST, 1400 CET). 

This team will now sunset.



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