Clinical Forum Teams work extensively with industry, healthcare organisations, academia regulators to link stakeholders and to facilitate the development of the environment for electronic clinical research. We have conducted surveys, developed tools, built an extensive base of knowledge of information relevant to the successful implementation of eClinical solutions.

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ECF Teams and Projects

13 May 2024

Assessing Investigator Site File Systems for Clinical Research

A brief overview of who should use the eCF's newest assessment tool ... and why. This article can be viewed or downloaded by clicking "read more".

Essential Metadata 29 January 20240

Essential Metadata

The goal is to produce a list and description of the essential metadata required to be able to reenact the events of the trial.

19 December 2023

Best Practice Recommendations for Electronic Clinical Outcome Assessment Data Changes

Congratulations to the joint C-Path/eCF :eCOA Best Practices" Team for publishing their paper “Best Practice Recommendations for Electronic Clinical Outcome Assessment Data Changes”

 in the peer-reviewed SCDM Journal “Digital First”. 

Investigator Site File (ISF Assessment) 14 October 20220

Investigator Site File (ISF Assessment)

Developing a questionnaire to assist sites in evaluating their e-Investigator Site File systems against clinical research regulatory regulations and recommendations.