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eClinical Forum Autumn Workshop, Spring House, Pennsylvania

October 24-26 2023

Event date: 24/10/2023 - 26/10/2023 Export event

eClinical Forum Autumn Workshop, Spring House, Pennsylvania

eClinical Forum Americas Workshop

October 24-26 2023

Planned sessions (still others are in-the-works … please let us know if you would like to suggest a topic and/or present). A complete agenda will be available soon.

Meeting Topics are being developed:

  • The role of GDPR / Data Privacy in clinical research
  • Topics in AI and Emerging Technologies
  • EMA Guideline on computerised systems and electronic data in clinical trials – Implications
  • Round-table discussions: Decentralised elements, e-Informed Consent, Data Flow
  • Sustainability: Climate Footprint of clinical trials
  • Do you have a case study showing how you are using these in your clinical trials: Patient Recruitment using social media, Generative AI (chatbots), Digital Endpoints based on smartphone or wearable technology. Please contact us!!

Meeting will take place at:

Janssen Research and Development

1400 Mckean Road, Spring House, PA

eCF Member companies have one or two seats at the face-to-face workshop as part of their membership; additional seats can be purchased.

About the eClinical Forum

The eClinical Forum offers a unique, non-commercial networking environment to learn, exchange information and ideas, collaborate on shared initiatives and to influence the future.

Not a Member?

If you are interested in advancing clinical research but are not a member, please contact us to discuss membership options available to:

  • Clinical Trial sponsor organizations
  • Healthcare institutions
  • Technology providers
  • CROs
  • Service providers
  • Academia
  • Stakeholder groups and associations
  • Government

Please register via: eCF Workshop Spring House PA, Oct 24-26 2023 (eclinicalforum.org)

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eCF Birds-of-a-Feather Webinar:  Site experience in the day-and-age of hybrid e-trials

eCF Birds-of-a-Feather Webinar:  Site experience in the day-and-age of hybrid e-trials

Back by popular demand!  Dr. van de Walle presented at the hybrid European eCF workshop in May … and we just ran out of time to answer all the questions! So many requests to ask Viviënne to present again with more time. So, here it is! Not to be missed!  Viviënne is a full-time investigator and founder of an indepenent research site. She has vast site and patient experience and will share her insight into how hybrid trials are going for the sites and the patients.

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