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Questions from eSRA Users

Questions from eSRA Users

This is a categorised list of questions sent in from eSRA users (sites, sponsors, CROs) with the response from the eClinical Forum eSRA Team. We will update it periodically. Please send questions to eSRA@eClinicalForum.org

eCF Webinar:  Best Practice Recommendations for Changing eCOA Data

Tues 7-Dec-2021 and Wed 8-Dec-2021

eCF Webinar:  Best Practice Recommendations for Changing eCOA Data

Historically, each sponsor, contract research organization (CRO), clinical site, and eCOA service provider has handled eCOA data change request (DCR) processes differently, resulting in the possibility for mixed expectations among the stakeholders and inconsistent results.   In the worst-case scenario, there is the risk of findings from inspections and audits, either because control over source records did not reside as expected with the site, or because there was a lack of oversight over eCOA data changes requested by sites and performed by the eCOA service provider.  There is a need for a well-defined, consistent, and balanced process for handling eCOA data change requests in clinical trials.  The objective of this document is to outline best practices that will result in improved data accuracy and integrity, greater transparency amongst the different stakeholders, increased consistency throughout the clinical trials industry, and adherence to the study protocol, good clinical practices (GCP), and government regulations. The approach to eCOA data changes outlined here is focused on patient-reported outcome (PRO) data but can be applied, where appropriate, to all eCOA data, including clinician-reported data and observer-reported data.   

A collaborative team comprised of Critical Path Institute’s ePRO Consortium, PRO Consortium and eClinical Forum have been meeting since early 2020 to discuss this topic and produce a best-practice recommendations paper. They will be sharing their discussions during this webinar. The associated paper is anticipated to be published during 1Q 2022.


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«December 2021»

Submission of comments on EMA’s draft “Guideline on computerised systems and electronic data in clinical trials”

These comments are provided by a team with representatives from 13 eCF member companies and have been reviewed by the eClinical Forum members. Those on the team are from Sweden, UK, Switzerland, Belgium, Spain, Germany, Italy, United States, and Japan. They represent many hours of personal review/comment as well as 19 hours of team discussion. The larger eCF Membership had opportunity to review and comment as well.  The resulting submitted comments (59 pages) are a consensus of member opinion.

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