The tool contains questions based on regulations and regulatory agency guidelines for clinical research data sources and should be used to evaluate the suitability of an Investigator Site computerized system to provide data for clinical trials. An eClinical Forum team, comprised of CRAs and Data Managers from different clinical research sponsor organizations and CROs and representatives from sites, has produced the "eSource-Readiness Assessment", otherwise known as "eSRA" for sites to perform a self-assessment of their computerized system's ability to be compliant with clinical research regulations.

Clinical research draws on a combination of data collected during a clinical trial and historical medical information relating to the research subject(s). Many of the data points needed for clinical research are originating in Electronic Health Record Systems, making them "eSource" for clinical research. Even if these data points are not used directly from the site's healthcare system, but are re-entered into a Sponsor's system for a clinical trial, the source of the information (the healthcare system) must still be confirmed as compliant with standards set forth in clinical research regulations and applicable guidance documents.

The eSRA Questionnaire Version 2023 can be downloaded as part of the eSRA Handbook below.  

Notice to those intending to include eSRA in their own materials: Copyrighted by the eClinical Forum 2023. The eClinical Forum keeps all rights of this material. Please see the License for Fair Use in the eSRA Handbook and “Implementing eSRA” Guide. We welcome eSRA to be used in other formats, however, it is required that eSRA text be used exactly, that all eSRA questions are included, that your use of eSRA is updated when eCF eSRA is updated, and that eClinical Forum is notified in writing and credited. By using these materials, you acknowledge the terms and conditions for use.  The eClinical Forum is only responsible for the eSRA materials as distributed via the eClinical Forum website. If using the eCF form, downloaded from this website, in it's original format, there is no need to notify eCF.

Stay Current!!

As new regulations are released or updated, the eClinical Forum will evaluate if the eSRA questions should be updated. To be notified of future releases of the eSRA Questionnaire, please send an email to Your email address will not be used for purposes other than to inform you of updates to eSRA.

Sponsors & CROS -- Please take our very brief survey regarding how you are using eSRA.  This will help us improve eSRA. Survey link: eCF eSRA Survey ( THANK YOU!!!

Do we keep a list of sites that have completed eSRAs?

We have frequently been asked if we can provide a list of which sites have already completed an eSRA. Due to privacy laws in different countries, eClinical Forum does not keep such a list. We supply the eSRA questionnaire, free of charge, to anyone who wants to use it. We encourage sponsors to keep a list for themselves of which sites they have received a completed eSRA from. We encourage sites to store their completed eSRA in a central location (such as their IT department) so that other groups within the same organization / using the same electronic healthcare system, can use the completed eSRA as a basis to complete their own eSRA.

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Congratulations to our Founder, Richard Perkins, on his retirement!!!

Congratulations to our Founder, Richard Perkins, on his retirement!!!

After 23 years, Richard Perkins, our founder and chairman is retiring from eClinical Forum. We are so grateful for all of Richard’s guidance over the years, growing the eCF from a workshop with 13 participants in Nov 1999 to now a global organization with over 2300 active participants from 50 member companies (most member companies participating from several regions around the globe) and 10 global project teams. Richard will remain as a behind-the-scenes consultant during a transition period for the rest of 2023.

We had great fun toasting Richard and telling stories at both Blue Bell and Darmstadt workshops. Thanks you Richard for all you have done for us!! We will certainly miss you!!

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Members Release: Best Practice Document on Investigator’s Signature

Members Release: Best Practice Document on Investigator’s Signature

The eClinical Forum is happy to announce the release of the "Investigator’s signature on electronic Case Report Forms (eCRFs), MR2022”.

About the Best Practice Document: There is increased scrutiny by regulatory agencies on the collection of investigator’s signatures as evidence of the overall oversight on the eCRF is reported to the sponsor.  eClinical Forum PI Signature Working Group was formed in March 2021 to update the best practice document originally issued in 2017 by identifying best practices that are based on compliance to regulatory requirements and on risks such as reputation, credibility, legal liability of the data being used by the sponsor. 

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Member Release:  "Requirements for Electronic Data for Regulated Clinical Trials" MR2023

Member Release: "Requirements for Electronic Data for Regulated Clinical Trials" MR2023

ABOUT THE ECF REQUIREMENTSThe eClinical Forum has updated their set of Requirements, which are based upon statements in regulatory documents that pertain to the design, development, implementation, and management of electronic systems that support clinical research data as well as those statements that pertain to the handling of data that will be used in a regulated clinical trial.  We have reviewed regulatory documents from the FDA, EMA, PMDA, MHRA, NMPA and ICH to produce this set of requirements. Each Requirement has as its basis one or more statements from one or more of these regulatory documents. The Requirements can be used to determine if systems that data which will become part of a regulated clinical trial are consistent with regulatory requirements and if systems and process that manage these data have the necessary features.

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MEMBERS: Submission of comments to FDA on Digital Health Technologies for Remote Data Acquisition in Clinical Investigations

MEMBERS: Submission of comments to FDA on Digital Health Technologies for Remote Data Acquisition in Clinical Investigations

The eClinical Forum RWE Team discussed Docket No. FDA-2021-D-1128 “Digital Health Technologies for Remote Data Acquisition in Clinical Investigations; Draft Guidance for
Industry, Investigators, and Other Stakeholders; Availability”.  The resulting comments are a consensus of member opinion. They have been submitted to the FDA on March 8, 2022.

8 March 2022 0

Submission of comments on EMA’s draft “Guideline on computerised systems and electronic data in clinical trials”

These comments are provided by a team with representatives from 13 eCF member companies and have been reviewed by the eClinical Forum members. Those on the team are from Sweden, UK, Switzerland, Belgium, Spain, Germany, Italy, United States, and Japan. They represent many hours of personal review/comment as well as 19 hours of team discussion. The larger eCF Membership had opportunity to review and comment as well.  The resulting submitted comments (59 pages) are a consensus of member opinion.

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MEMBERS...Materials from Webinar:  “Practical Considerations when implementing eConsent"

MEMBERS...Materials from Webinar: “Practical Considerations when implementing eConsent"

This webinar introduces the eCF and EUCROF Implementation Practical Guide to eConsent which addresses key themes and hots topics and provides a view on the modernization of the clinical trials informed consenting process, including the current perception shift of eConsent adoption in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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