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REGISTRATION IS OPEN: eClinical Forum Virtual Spring Workshop, 4-18 May 2021

  • 1 March 2021
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REGISTRATION IS OPEN: eClinical Forum Virtual Spring Workshop, 4-18 May 2021

The Covid-19 pandemic is still affecting life and we hope that you are all keeping safe and well. Unfortuneately, we won’t be in a position to run our normal face-to-face workshops for some time yet, but we will still meet together, albeit virtually.

Today, we are pleased to announce the details of our next Virtual Global Workshop on 4-18 May 2021. The virtual workshop will include presentation, discussion and working sessions and is open to participants from any member company in any region.

Our virtual workshops in 2020 were a great success and this one will be even better! We are making sure that sessions are as convenient as possible for the different time-zones across the world by limiting the duration of sessions and offering more regional events. Learning from each other is what we do best, and the workshop will provide plenty of opportunity for learning, experience exchange, open discussion and contribution to the work of the eClinical Forum. Nothing will replace the networking and comeraderie of an eCF face-to-face meeting, but we hope to come close!

If you are a member of the eClinical Forum... We encourage you and your colleagues to REGISTER NOW for the sessions that you would like to attend (https://www.eclinicalforum.org/forms/VWMay21 ).

If you are NOT a member of the eClinical Forum ... please CONTACT US to find out about the value of membership.

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«August 2021»
eCF Focus Session:  Audit Trail Review in Practice

eCF Focus Session:  Audit Trail Review in Practice

The eClinical Forum published a joint paper with SCDM in April 2021, titled “Audit Trail Review: Key Tool to Ensure Data Integrity”.  (If you missed it, you can download it here: Public Release: Audit Trail Review: Key Tool to Ensure Data Integrity Version 1.0 (eclinicalforum.org) )  Now that members have had time to review the paper and perhaps discuss with colleagues, we thought it is a good time to hear what different members are doing, or are planning to do, regarding audit trail review. This focus session will not be discussing the paper, but rather will be discussing what practices around audit trail review our members are taking.

This is a two-hour focus session. The first hour will be presentations of case-studies from eClinical Forum members. The second hour will be a round-table discussion.

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