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Electronic Informed Consent Technology Showcase - An Excellent Event

Event Feedback

Untitled 2 Electronic Informed Consent in clinical trials has been highlighted as a topic of interest at recent eClinical Forum meetings. The technology demonstration provided a good insight into the functional capabilities, business opportunities and challenges of eICF systems.
Our thanks go to Scott Askin, Novartis, Switzerland and to Eric Delente, DrugDev, USA who facilitated a very interesting webinar.
Slides used during the event can be downloaded by eCF members.

The session explored in detail:

  • How eICF can improve how we engage, manage and monitor patients involved in clinical trials
  • The change management challenges
  • How such Digital Technologies can make a significant difference
  • The functionality offered by one eICF system offered by Enforme Interactive/Drug Dev’s SecureConsent Application
  • Measured improvements in comprehension and process control
  • The steady growth in use and experience
  •  Best practices, business value and Regulatory acceptance

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