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  • Birds-of-a-Feather Round-table Discussion: U.S. National Patient Identifier (NPI) and its Impact for Clinical Trials

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    Date:  Tuesday, August 18, 2020  Duration: One hour
    Time: Pacific time: 8am, Mountain time: 9am, Central time: 10am, Eastern time: 11am, Brazil: noon, UK: 4pm, Central Europe: 5pm, Eastern Europe: 6pm

    Facilitator:   Ken Light, Clinscape

    Open To: Staff from eClinical Forum member companies  (If you are not an eCF member, please review our website www.eclinicalforum.org for membership information or contact info@eclinicalforum.org)

    Background: eClinical Forum Birds-of-a-Feather sessions focus on the details of a specific topic.  All participants are encouraged to share information and ask questions. Anyone from an eCF member company can participate, gratis. The facilitator will [try to] keep the subject on track and prompt discussion and information sharing.

    For This Topic:  In 1996, HIPAA legislation called for the development of a national patient identifier system that would give each person in the United States a permanently assigned, unique number to be used across the entire spectrum of the national healthcare system.   That project was never funded by congress, but just last year (June, 2019) Congress voted to appropriate $99 billion dollars to an HHS bill that included creation of a National Patient Identifier.

     Ken Light will review this topic, and oversee a group dialog around the benefits, challenges, and impact related to healthcare and clinical trials.