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eCF "Birds-of-a-Feather" Round-table Discussions and Technology Showcases 2020 to 2021

Select recordings available

“Birds-of-a-Feather” Webinars are provided monthly, to get those with similar interests together.  Anyone from an eCF member company (around the globe!) can participate, gratis. All eCF members can suggest a topic and/or lead a discussion.

The following topics were discussed in 2020 and 2021. Those with an asterisk * have been recorded, and are available to eCF members, upon request. Please send a note to if you would like to view one of these recordings.

  • Tufts/eCS Survey: Data Strategy Transformation *
  • Agile Development for Clinical Research Software *
  • Real World Evidence and Real World Data *
  • Technology Showcase: Automating the Clin Data Pipeline / eClinical Solutions *
  • US National Patient Identifier
  • eSRA Japanese Language Webinar (Public) *
  • Audit Trail Review
  • Master Protocols
  • IMI Mobilise-D *
  • Technology Showcase: Lessons learned from a Covid19 Paperless Trial / Target Health *
  • Investigator Signature / regulatory authority expectations
  • eCF Brews & News “#NoGoingBack”
  • Data Archival at Sites Using Direct Download
  • eConsent – Practical Considerations in Implementing *
  • “When does Audit Trail begin?”
  • Public Webinar: “eCF Requirements” and “eSRA” *

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