The eClinical Forum continues to bring great value to its members for a reasonable cost. A company (not an individual) becomes a member.  This allows any individual to occupy the seat at meetings and any number of people in a member organization to make use of eClinical Forum services and participate in eClinical Forum events. 

Imagine... unlimited access to the members-only section of the website, members-only materials, members-only online discussion forums, members-only teleconferences / webinars and members-only project teams.  

How do we compare?? A yearly membership fee covers all activities (no per-meeting or per-person fee is required).  In addition, when comparing eClinical Forum membership to that of other professional organizations, keep in mind that they may also derive funding by allowing commercial solicitation of their members through exhibit space at meetings or advertising.  The eClinical Forum is non-commercial and does not endorse any commercial products or provide any venue for marketing, allowing for free sharing of information among all members.


How much does membership cost?...


Ask us... To truly understand the value of eClinical Forum membership - ask a member!  Send us an EMail and we will put you in contact. 

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Our Membership By Business Area

The eClinical Forum includes participants from Europe, Americas, Asia Pacific and Africa to form a group with a truly global perspective and access.

How To Become a Member

The eClinical Forum has a concept of pharmaceutical, associate and academic membership. Commercial groups (e.g. CROs, vendors, consulting companies, conference organisers, third party EDC service providers, etc...) participate as associate members. A special academic membership allows associations, academic, healthcare and goverment participation at reduced rates.

Want to become a Member? Download and submit a completed Membership Application Form.

Questions? Please send an email to info@eclinicalforum.org